Baby Car Price in Pakistan 2023

Looking for the best baby car price in Pakistan 2023? If yes, then you have to check the list of best baby cars in Pakistan from here. O the below side, we are going to share electric baby cars as well as non-electric baby cars for our readers. Everyone wants to love to drive a car no matter if it’s a baby girl or a baby boy. Parents always want to purchase a durable and functional car for their babies. That is the reason, different companies are working on them to provide better fancy baby cars in Pakistan. On the below side, you can check the list of best cars and can choose the perfect car for your kid.

In Pakistan, most of the baby cars are imported from China and that is the reason they are a bit costly. Some of the companies in Pakistan are also making baby cars but those cars are not as good as China-imported baby cars. So, whether you are looking for a China-imported baby car or a locally-made baby car, you can check from the below side.

Baby Car Price in Pakistan 2023 Lahore, Islamabad

Mercedes Baby Car:

mercedes baby car price

The first car that you should buy for your kid is a Mercedes baby Car which has dual functionalities including self-drive and remote-control mode. This car is perfect for 1 year to a 7-year kid and both girls and boys can drive it. So, if your baby is small and cannot drive by themselves then, you can control their car with a wireless remote. Furthermore, this car has three different speed modes which is perfect according to different age groups. If we talk about the price of this car then, you can buy this car in just Rs 26,000.

BMW X1 baby Car:

BMW X1 baby Car

Another best car for kids is the BMW X1 baby car which also comes with self-drive and remote-control functions. This is also an imported car and is best for kids under 7 years. Apart from this, it has power doors, and a suspension system to avoid road jerks. The price of this baby car in Pakistan is approximately 25,000.

Audi Baby Car:

bmw baby car price in pakistan

Audi baby car comes with alloy rims and wheel lights. This car is best for 1 year to a seven-year kid as it has both self-drive and remote-control options. Furthermore, you have the option to choose from different colors as this model comes in different attractive colors. The price of this car is a bit high as you can buy this car for RS 29,000.

Ferrari Door Upside Open:

Ferrari Door Upside Open baby car

China is also making the Ferrari baby car for kids too. The best feature of this car is that its doors open upside that making it one of the coolest cars for babies. You can purchase this car for your kid’s age ranging from 1 year to 7 years. If we talk about the price of this car then you can buy this car in just Rs 30,000.

These are some of the best baby cars in Pakistan that you can buy in Pakistan. For more automatic cars for babies in Pakistan, you can visit the main page of this website.